12 years of manufacturing and installing E-Tube has led us to what we believe is the best performing and best value in a filled filter sock in todays market place.   Our product materials are made specifically for us by local businesses.   This has allowed us to tweak and modify our fabric, and our hardwood mulch to be the perfect combination to allow superior filtering properties and the best performance.

We take great pride in our manufacturing of this product and use our pallet weave fabric to give a stronger more durable product.   Excellent for the self-installer,  it is palletized in a convenient coiled matter.   A plastic topper is put into place and wooden stakes are provided and20 inch & 8 inch E-tube 001 placed at the top for easy access when the installer is ready to put down tube.  This whole package is shrink wrapped into a tight package that is easy to store,  easy to transport, and easy to install.

Three sizes are available.  8″, 12″ and 20″.   The 8″ comes in 200 ft. continuous coil and the 12″ comes in 100 ft. coils.  The largest size we palletize comes in 20 inch and is coiled in 50 feet.   Custom lengths also available in all diameters by request.   Please call for our distributor list for delivery options.

E-Tube is an Iowa DOT approved product and has been used in DOT projects in Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, Minnesota, and Missouri as well as in South Dakota.  We have distributors in Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri.