Transporting and applying filled E-Tube

When your required by federal, state,  or local laws to have erosion control around the perimeter of your project,  the quickest and easiest way to do that is by palletized filter sock.    Filled filter sock,  such as E-Tube,  can be palletized and wrapped in a way that transporting it to the job site makes it simple for your installation crew to get the job done.      No need to drag tractors,  and/or other heavy machinery to that location.    A two or three man team can make short work of the installation in a matter of a couple of hours.   Or less!       The other thing that is nice about doing it this way is the E-Tube is moveable so that trucks or other machinery can come and go into the work area without damaging the product.   Simply pick it up and move it to the side and then move it back into position at the end of the day.     Most times,   an 8″ filled E-Tube works just fine for perimeter control unless local spec.  requires something larger.     Long sections that need to be moved (swung away for entry) need to overlap where they are jointed.   Normally,  a 2 foot steak every 10 feet is suffice to keep the filtering log in place allowing it to do its job when stormwaters release from the project area.